Bold Colour Art to Dramatize Your Space

Strong colour contras to inject some character into the interior space

Installation for A Client's House in Glenmarie


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What our Clients say about us

It made our days when we know that we have done the right thing and it is very fulfilling when you have clients who love what you do. We will continue our good work and strive to be better. 


"A place that offers quality art for a reasonable budget and with great services! Will be back for more!" Jason Thiam


"A charming and creative space offering high-quality contemporary work. Whether it's shopping for a unique gift or adding new art to my home, I've always found the perfect piece at ARTfordable Gallery." Jerrod Ong Owner/Director, REGAL VALET


"Looking for good but affordable modern art to decorate your walls? Consider your prayers answered when you step into this two-storey gallery right behind Village Park." Timeout Magazine


"So pleased with the recent purchase of an art piece from the ARTfordable. Quite a steal for a top-class art piece!" Lim Mi Ki, Razak, Lim & Co



"I have long debated about getting a right painting however I got fascinated by the artwork in gallery. Absolutely recommending 'Artfordable' to my friends, its artwork is current and unique." Keith Looi, Airasia


"I'm new into paintings and surely need help from an expert in choosing the right piece for my first home, well Artfordable Gallery is where I see choices with good recommendation and yet reasonable price!'

Mr Ross, Takaful Malaysia





Transforming Your Space With Art

An artwork, or several, can transform a space, change the mood, make a statement, and make you smile. And don’t be afraid to make it personal – beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this is your home.


A good choice of art or painting not only fill up the undesireable blank space but add character to your interior. The artwork featured above is something that successfully elaborates the drama of the space.

Source: Elle Decor

A electic mix of colour and paintings which adds drama and sophistication for your home. Not to forget Ronald Ventura's painting does enhance the space like no other.

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We must say that Nina Garcia does have great taste in art and decor. Her unconventional way of decorating the interior is inspiring.

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The conventional school of thought stresses that the living room is the place to hang the best pieces because it is the room you will spend much of your time in and a place where you entertain your guests. 


Oil Painting by Artfordable


If you are looking for expensive looking art with inexpensive price tag, do visit our gallery to view a full collections of more than 300 paintings today. Artfordable Gallery - the Malaysia's Affordable Art Gallery. Custom made painting and commission art can be arranged.



Decorating Dark Hue Wall with Paintings

Painting your wall in dark colours is often perceived as a bit of a risk but when it is done right, it instantly transforms the space and adds character to the entire space. Most would pefer white walls as white walls create a feeling of spaciousness and work in just about every scheme. However, I personally love a dark wall, when done right, it instantly transforms the space. It grounds a room,  adds character, and serves as an ideal backdrop for your art and paintings. Dark hue wall in the bedroom or living room immediately attract attention, hence paintings or any other objects placed will appear much more spectacular and with added drama from the rest of the space.

Decorating a room that is painted in dark colors isn’t any different from decorating any other room, but it just requires some extra care.The biggest worry for any room painted in dark colors is that it will feel gloomy. However this can be offset by with the right decorating such as placement of white or light artwork in the room and light rug.

Dark colors can be a bold statement,it is important to ensure that the rest of the room harmonizes well with the wall color. Select the right artwork  and paintings to make sure that they look right against the paint color. The followings are some of the examples of the types of paintings which can enhance or harmonize with black wall. 

This is a good example to illustrate the combination of lamp and painting can be integrated

to fill up the empty space in the event that you could not find a long piece of artwork to match a 

long sofa.

This is an example where a black based oil painting can be utilized

to complemend dark walls and become a statement piece simultaneously.

Do visit our Malaysia based gallery to check out more oil and acrylic paintings if you intend to dramatize

your dark wall or interior space. Custom-made or commissioned painting can be arranged upon request.



Custom Made Paintings


Commissioned Artwork / Custom Made Painting


In the event that you are unable to find the ideal paintings be it size or subject matter, we could assist you in creating your personalised art piece. The cost of the painting will depend largely upon the size, complexity and man hour involved to complete the particular painting.


Visit our gallery and we could assist you in realising your wish. If the particular style of painting requested is not within our scope of expertise or ability, we would choose not accept the job as we feel honesty is the best policy. The following are some of the commissioned art and painting we have painted for our clients.

The following painting is the largest commissioned painting we have painted for our client and its height is 16ft tall, 

so large that it cannot fit into a lorry. This painting of Birds of the Paradise flowers was commissioned by the client for

his beautiful property in Sunway South Quay and specifically custom-made to complemend the heliconia

flowers in his garden. 




Visit our showroom today to enquire about custom-made painting. At Artfordable Gallery, delivering quality commissioning

artwork and paintings are our utmost desire.

A commissioned gold leaf artwork for a client.




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