Art Buying Guide

A piece of art has the great ability to transform the mood or ambiance of the space you are living or working in. For something you've to face each day, pick something that is pleasing to your eyes or something that brings a smile whenever you look at it.

When buying art, it's important to align the owner's character with the character of an original painting and the room. Here are some simple steps in choosing the right piece of art for your room:

  1. Style of Interior
    Go with the interior and colour scheme of your home. Choose something that harmonizes your home.
  2. Select art by size to fit a particular space
    Measure your existing wall to ascertain the space availability to make sure that the art piece complement the space. Art that is too large will overwhelm and art that is too small will be lost and look out of proportion. The bolder the art piece, the more room it needs to breathe. Make sure you measure the space you want to hang the art and leave enough "white space" so that the painting will not feel crowded.
  3. Choose one that harmonizes with the colour of your room
    When selecting a painting to match color, select one or two of the boldest colors in your room and look for art that has those colors in it. You're not looking for an exact match here. Picking up one or two of the same colors will send a message that the painting belongs in this environment.
  4. Amend your room if the painting doesn't suit
    If you bring an oil painting home and it clashes with its environment, first try hanging it in various rooms on different walls. The oil painting may look great in a place you hadn't planned on hanging it. If you can't find a place where the art looks its best, you may need to make some changes in the room, such as moving furniture or taking down patterned wallpaper and repainting in a neutral.

A striking yellow-based  abstract painting as the conversation piece for your interior.

A cohesive piece that blends with the colour of the wall.


Decorating Guide for Dark Walls

For most of us, painting walls in a dark hue usually with initial doubt. Most would pefer white walls as white walls create a feeling of spaciousness and work in just about every scheme. However, I personally love a dark wall, when done right, it instantly transforms the space. It grounds a room,  adds character, and serves as an ideal backdrop for your art and paintings. Dark hue wall in the bedroom or living room immediately attract attention, hence paintings or any other objects placed will appear much more spectacular and with added drama from the rest of the space.

Decorating a room that is painted in dark colors isn’t any different from decorating any other room, but it just requires some extra care.The biggest worry for any room painted in dark colors is that it will feel gloomy. However this can be offset by with the right decorating such as placement of white or light artwork in the room and light rug.

Dark colors can be a bold statement,it is important to ensure that the rest of the room harmonizes well with the wall color. Select the right artwork  and paintings to make sure that they look right against the paint color. The followings are some of the examples of the types of paintings which can enhance or harmonize with black wall. 

The abstract artwork is currently available at our showroom.

A commisioned piece for a client in 2014 based on Nihongo inspired elements.





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