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Why Art Matters in Interior Space

Based on our experiences, we see wall art and pantings are treated as an afterthought. However, we feel that by relegating wall art to the side lines, you’re missing out on an golden design opportunity. When paintings are art chosen thoughtfully, it can create a huge impact for your entire interior space.


Artwork and painting not only becomes the focal points, it creates harmonizing effect with your interior. When choosing a piece of wall art to be a focal point for your space, the most important factor is size.  Please make sure to take measurements of the wall space available, so you know how much room you have at your disposal.

When selecting a painting to match color, select one or two of the boldest colors in your room and look for artwork that has those colors in it. You're not looking for an exact match here. Picking up one or two of the same colors will send a message that the painting belongs in this environment.

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Please visit us to check out our gorgeous selections of oil paintings  ranging from abstract paintings to landscape paintings. Artworks need to be viewed face to face as photos don't do justice most of the time. Established since 2013, we have more than 300 pieces available paintings for your viewing pleasure.