Colour Therapy with Paintings

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According to some studies, it is observed that the colours have a direct impact on our mental health. It does not only affect our mood but it also helps to create a healing environment. With the right application, it has the ability to transform our space such as our homes or work space by balancing our state of mind and soul.

Violet-Violet has a calming vibes, it is believed to be able to sharpen your awareness.

Indigo-Indigo is commonly associated with intuitive power.

Orange - Heighten your creativity and enhance appetite.

Blue - Calming and soothing effect for the body and mind.

Green- Healing and harmonising effect for your interior space.

Red - The colour for stimulation and passion

Yellow - The colour of prosperity and alertness.


Painting by KX Wooi





Hence it is believed with right combination artwork or paintings infusing with the element colour therapy, it will promote greater harmony in your homes and fengshui. Some may even believe that certain kind of artwork such as waterfall and mountain paintings (if placed at the right direction) may enhance the fengshui in our homes.